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La Fonda

Oak Hills

Banquet Rooms

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We have two banquet rooms and an outdoor patio area, along with our general seating areas. Our first private room can seat up to 80 guests. The room can be divided with movable walls, and can accomodate up to 27 guests (Room "A"), and for 55 guests (Room (B") respectively and still be private.

Our second private room will seat up to 90 guests. It can be partitioned for smaller parties.

We also have an outdoor patio that can seat up to 25 guests.

We do require a head count 24 hours in advance, and you will have to guarantee 90% of the number of guests booked. For example if you book for 50 and only 40 show up, we will have to charge you for 45, and apply your deposit to the total.

Concerning your menu, when the number of your guests is greater than 20, we have to limit the menu to 1 to 3 items, or a buffet of your choice in order to expedite service. We cannot offer separate checks for parties greater than 20 people, but we can sell tickets at the door for a set price, which includes tax, gratuity, and a beverage. When deciding on your menu, you may choose any plates from the choices listed below, and we will print a special menu for your guests to choose from. Parties exceeding 30 people will be limited to one item or a buffet. If you choose a buffet, you will be charged for 100% of the number of guests you book for. In estimating your price, I would add $1.79 for a non alchoholic beverage such as tea, Coke, or Sprite. plus tax of 8.75% and 18% gratuity. Beverages are not included with any plates or buffets. Prices are subject to change given the nature of our current energy crisis. We will make every effort to keep you informed of any price changes.

Your reservation must be guaranteed with a $50.00 deposit which will be applied to your bill. Cancellations must be received within 48 hours of your function for a refund of your deposit.

Clicking on the 'menus' tab will display our full menu. Alternatively, the 'catering' tab will display some of our buffet choices.

Alcohol can be handled in one of three ways:
Cash Bar: Each guest pays for his own liquor
Open Bar: Host pays for any and all liquor ordered
Limited Bar: Host limits liquor to just Margaritas
by the Pitcher (serves 7)

Cakes: Our bakers can provide cakes of all types for any occasion. Just let us know the specifics, and we will quote you a price. Prices range between $2.00 and $3.50 per person. If you prefer to bring your own cake, we do charge a $25.00 fee. We will cut and serve it to your guests.

Table cloths: Red, white, dusty rose, and royal blue tablecloths are available for $5.00 per tablecloth, with a $12.00 minimum charge.

Children: Unfortunately, due to several mishaps, all children must be kept in the room, under control, and be escorted to restrooms by their parents. Children who are disruptive and allowed in the public areas unsupervised will be asked to leave with their parents.

Entertainment: If you'd like a Mariachi to entertain your guests privately, the fees are $100.00 per hour (or $250.00 per hour for a trio).

Dancing - We do have a dance floor and band stage that becomes available after 9:30 pm. You can bring in your own DJ, or we can book one for you.